10.06.18 Kick scooter is my new passion. Riding, watching E3, playing GT Sport, grilling stuff. Enjoying pause between projects.
13.05.18 This year's flu is so nasty I won't even animate the sneezing part.
20.04.18 RKN Russia almost broke the Internet fighting against the Telegram
14.02.18 I'm so lucky my Valentine is into gaming as much as I do! Happy V-day!
07.02.18 Ok I have to admit, PSVR was not a total waste of money, kinda loving it so far
26.01.18 Tried videoblogging. It was very fun for a short while.
25.12.17 Finished my first sketchbook just in time for Christmas! Click the fox! 28.12.17 I have a feeling 2@18 will be a year to remember, hopefully in a good way!
14.12.17 "All the things I'll never see ..." Howard Moon
08.12.17 So.... K-POP is a new thing and despite being a pop, it actually rocks!
05.12.17 Following trends is hard, tiring and deforming way to stay relevant. There are better ways.
30.11.17 Don't fall into bazooka-hands footsteps! Less sell, more work!
27.11.17 Self-digging.
30.09.17 We did it! Took years (literally), but this project is finally over!
08.07.17 This project gave me a jazz hands (still shaking)
29.05.17 BOI this game is excellent!
06.05.17 Uniqlo x Nintendo! At very least I'm intrigued!
21.04.17 Damn I miss Shanghai (sometimes)
21.04.17 Almost there!
13.03.17 Changes are needed, changes are good.
03.03.17 OMFG Nintendo Switch is here!!!
14.02.17 Happy V-Day!!! Soon, Zelda, soon!
07.02.17 Working on something for KFC. Secretly hoping to not to get paid in food ))
11.12.16 There is some serious Star Wars overdose going on here. Not good.
29.11.16 VR - so good so far!
14.11.16 Nice cat(ch)! Working on some stuff for NBA.