09.07.20 2020 is not going to stop anytime soon. Our governor was arrested and accused of murder. People went to protest and now our small city featured on news feeds all over the world. I also ditched Vimeo Plus because I have reasons to believe it's politically biased. You know who else politically biased? My fucking instagram followers. Who knew they'd hate me for posting work for Huawei. Well, their loss.
22.06.20 Arm Mac is official. I'm excited to see an Apple product. Can't remember last time.
01.07.20 I was going to publish the book and become filthy rich, but where is the sport in it? So instead it will be available for free and printable in form of posters or smaller formats to all who is interested.
20.04.20 Self-isolation is a new thing. No one knows when will it end so start watching Santa Barbara hoping quarantine will end before you finished watching it.
13.02.20 Corona virus is screwing with the world right now. I hope it will get better soon.
10.01.20 Somehow my Instagram mask Facecraft got 10 000 000 impressions. This is jaw dropping start of the year!
01.01.20 Let's have less pain but way more gain in 2020 along with some extra zeros all in the right place! HNY everyone!!!
24.12.19 Cooking illustrations, almost ready!
06.12.19 It happened! My work is properly displayed in Khabarovsk (my hometown) for the first time ever! Huge props to Artservatory!
11.11.19 Ok writing a book is not easy
28.09.19 Buried deep under new projects (and loving it!) got a pleasant surprise: Cursor Is Back got Vimeo Staff Pick!!!
28.08.19 Got myself new medium: instagram masks. You can try em out @tomin.works
28.08.19 First time in months commercial project I'm working on is more interesting than personal work. Got to be a sign of things to change. Also just finished Cursor Is Back piece, please have a look. This is probably the last video in that mixed VFX style, so stay tuned for what is next!
28.07.19 Working on some fresh stuff, searching for new media. Meanwhile the weather is acting strange, swimming in our own sweat one day, sleeping under winter blanket the next day. Fun!
29.06.19 Got myself Fujifilm X-T30, M39 and M42 adapter and small bag of vintage USSR lenses. Officially obsessed!
10.04.19 I'm grateful to Sony for introducing me to the world of VR. But PSVR helmet as well as most Sony products are not built to last. This particular solution was in my opinion the very bottom of engineering. As expected in 2 years this mess of a wires and connectors and internal drift was so painful to use one day I had to put it down to rest. Violently. Cant' wait for the summer when the new generations of VR is introduced. It will not be Sony this time.
31.01.19 After almost 10 years break I decided to move back to Windows. Until Apple and Nvidia are back to friendship things will stat that way.
01.01.19 2018 was hard as nut, but truly awesome! Let's make 2019 even better!
13.11.18 "Portals" got best of the month medal on Vimeo, it's a definite yay!! On a side note, this company you all probably heard of was Apple. Kindly offered to move to California. Had to decline mainly because of lack of proper winter despite all my love to The OC TV series and Apple in general.
06.10.18 My latest work "Portals" just got Staff Pick on Vimeo! It's a definite Yay!! Also I just received an intriguing e-mail from one nice company you all probably heard of, let's hope it's a start of something great! Will keep you posted.
06.10.18 50K followers on Instagram! Thank you so much guys! Love!
29.07.18 My Insta ( @tomin.works ) just got a whole lot bigger. Let's make something good out of it!
10.06.18 Kick scooter is my new passion. Riding, watching E3, playing GT Sport, grilling stuff. Enjoying pause between projects.
13.05.18 This year's flu is so nasty I won't even animate the sneezing part.
20.04.18 RKN Russia almost broke the Internet fighting against the Telegram
14.02.18 I'm so lucky my Valentine is into gaming as much as I do! Happy V-day!
07.02.18 Ok I have to admit, PSVR was not a total waste of money, kinda loving it so far
26.01.18 Tried videoblogging. It was very fun for a short while.
25.12.17 Finished my first sketchbook just in time for Christmas! Click the fox! 28.12.17 I have a feeling 2@18 will be a year to remember, hopefully in a good way!
14.12.17 "All the things I'll never see ..." Howard Moon
08.12.17 So.... K-POP is a new thing and despite being a pop, it actually rocks!
05.12.17 Following trends is hard, tiring and deforming way to stay relevant. There are better ways.
30.11.17 Don't fall into bazooka-hands footsteps! Less sell, more work!
27.11.17 Self-digging.
30.09.17 We did it! Took years (literally), but this project is finally over!
08.07.17 This project gave me a jazz hands (still shaking)
29.05.17 BOI this game is excellent!
06.05.17 Uniqlo x Nintendo! At very least I'm intrigued!
21.04.17 Damn I miss Shanghai (sometimes)
21.04.17 Almost there!
13.03.17 Changes are needed, changes are good.
03.03.17 OMFG Nintendo Switch is here!!!
14.02.17 Happy V-Day!!! Soon, Zelda, soon!
07.02.17 Working on something for KFC. Secretly hoping to not to get paid in food ))
11.12.16 There is some serious Star Wars overdose going on here. Not good.
29.11.16 VR - so good so far!
14.11.16 Nice cat(ch)! Working on some stuff for NBA.